My Gehenna

A preview into the mind of a genius

The prestigious school of Phoenix has always called to me. From the moment I set foot in its doors, on the fateful day of Freshman Orientation, I have felt a calling to do more for this world than anyone else.

The world can be a cruel place at times. We all know this. But this world can also be a wonderful stepping stone for a world unlike any other, sourced from my own desires to put change in the hearts of many, and put pencils to paper. My Gehenna.

In 2009, I graciously reached out to a former student of the University and decided to remaster their small unfinished works, as they did not care for it any longer, and I can do a much better job than most people could back in the 90s... Just my opinion.

Using this gift, and my own natural computer talents, I have the plans to create a world unlike the ones you have seen in popular culture; A virtual paradise that you can live in, forever. Governed by none other than myself, a self-sustaining environment all within the confines of a hard-drive is revolutionary, and honestly, this is more than enough for a Pulitzer -- why don't you check out our sign up process!

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  • (P.S.: If you're still not wowed by my wordsmithing or illustrious descriptions of my ideal paradise, or doubt that it can be done, I will be giving $50 dollars to anyone who wants to sign up for it. Let me prove you wrong.)

    (P.P.S.: I am still offering a 20 dollar bonus to anyone who is willing to share their student printer key. The library said I can't have mine back b/c of the ink incident :( ))